Regime officials and media admit to the role of PMOI/MEK in recent uprisings

Jan 05, 2018
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By Iran Probe Staff

Friday, 5 January 2018

While the nationwide uprising continues in various cities, the Iranian regime continues to acknowledge  to the Mujahideen's social base and its role in this uprising. Below are just some of its facts:  

Dec. 29, 2017—State-run Astan-e-Razavi TV: Mashhad’s Friday prayer leader Alamolhoda blamed the MEK and U.S. for organizing the protests across the country.

Dec. 31, 2017—State-run Daneshjoo News Agency: The Supreme Leader’s high representative in the Revolutionary Guards said, “When Maryam Rajavi officially sends messages and calls on everyone to come to the streets, it’s proof that they themselves are the first people to be present in the uprisings.”

Dec. 31, 2017—Fars News Agency (affiliated with the IRGC): In an interview with the al-Mayadeen TV network, Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of the Supreme Security Council, said that the PMOI/MEK is the flagbearer of this Saudi scenario and pledged to retaliate.

Dec. 31, 2017—Dolat-e-Bahar website (affiliated with Ahmadinejad): The order for the uprisings was given by the evil triangle (U.S., UK and Israel), paid for by the Saudis and implemented by the MEK.

Dec. 31, 2017—Resalat Newspaper (affiliated with Khamenei’s faction): The organization of the uprisings of Saturday proved that the MEK was the infrastructure and intelligence services such as Mossad, CIA and MI6 were their associates. The secret of why the French are still giving service to the MEK in Paris was revealed in recent unrests. The recent unrests were similar to those of 2009. At the time, the excuse was “vote rigging.” Today it’s “high prices” and “inflation.”

Dec. 31, 2017—Tasnim News Agency (affiliated with the IRGC Quds Force): In a video message to the protestors, the leader of MEK called for the focus of the rebellion to expand. The MEK also supported uprisings in 2009.

Dec. 31, 2017—Tasnim News Agency blamed the MEK for destroying public property in Tehran and setting the Iranian flag ablaze.

Dec. 31, 2017—State-run newspaper Mehr wrote that the PMOI/MEK "is behind the recent turmoil and manages it."

Dec. 31, 2017- On the third day of nationwide uprising in Iran, the clerical regime organized a counter-demonstration. The slogans aired at the regime’s counter-demonstration unveiled the mullahs’ utter fear of being overthrown. State-run TV network broadcast on Saturday showed videos of the rally in which the chants included: “The Green Movement is following Rajavi’s path.”

Jan. 1, 2018—Mohammad Ali Asoudi, the senior consultant to Khamenei’s representative in the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), in an interview with the state run ‘Daneshjou’ press agency, “Regarding the presence of the members and affiliates of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran in these riots, it is notable that when Maryam Rajavi officially sends a message and calls everyone to take into scene, it is evident that their (PMOI/MEK) members and supporters are in the front row.”

Jan. 1, 2018—a leaked report provided to Fox News shows how Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei met with political leaders and heads of the country's security forces to discuss how to tamp down on the deadly nationwide protests. The meeting notes that the leader of the NCRI, Maryam Rajavi, and the “Infidels,” which the translation says refers to "the West," “are united for the first time.” It continued, “Maryam Rajavi is hoping for regime change,” saying the protests are “definitely organized,” and “the security forces report that the MEK is very active and is leading and directing them.”

Jan. 2, 2018- News network TV (state-run TV)

The leader of the terrorist Hypocrite group-let, once again expressed her support for the rioters and called for the continuation of the protests.


The US, the Zionist regime and the terrorist Hypocrites group-let continue their public support for the rioters.

Aline with the US and the Zionist regime, once again, the leader of the terrorist Hypocrites group-let supported the rioters and called for the continuation of the protests.

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