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Air strike on Camp Ashraf, Iraq - May 25, 1993

Apr 24, 2016
Iranian regimes phantom F4
Iranian regimes phantom F4

At 0555 hours, May 25, 1993, Camp Ashraf of NLA was bombed by four Phantom F4 warplanes flown from Nozheh Airbase in Hamadan. The planes entered the Camp’s airspace from the southwest and then headed eastwards while dropping 12 bombs. The Camp’s air defense artillery engaged the planes and forced them to leave its airspace. The warplanes escaped to the north.

may 1993 casualities

This criminal attack damaged the fuel depot and the Camp’s public places. The bomb fragments were scattered in a vast area and damaged the personnel dormitories.

may 1993 hold

The blast of the explosion and the fragments set the fuel depot ablaze. The bombs used in the air raid were of type 250 lbs. that are used for setting fire to inflammable materials.

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