Iran: Letters of 5 political prisoners to UN Secretary-General

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Iran's political prisoners Saleh Kohandel, Shaheen Zoghi-Tabar, Reza Akbari Monfared, Pirouz Mansouri, Ali Moezi
Iran's political prisoners Saleh Kohandel, Shaheen Zoghi-Tabar, Reza Akbari Monfared, Pirouz Mansouri, Ali Moezi

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Political prisoners condemn mullahs’ intelligence plot to murder and massacre their relatives and other Iranian refugees in Iraq. Since Camp Liberty is under UN monitoring, the political prisoners concerned with their loved ones in Liberty, are asking the UN to prevent the course that is leading to another deadly attack against Liberty

During the past week with plots and conspiracies escalating against Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty in Iraq, a number of political prisoners in Iran – whose main “crime” is visiting or having contacted their loved ones in Ashraf or Liberty have written letters to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressing grave concerns about the fate of their relatives in Camp Liberty.

During the past few weeks the regime in Iran, with the support of its operatives in the Iraqi government, has transferred dozens of Ministry of Intelligence agents to the vicinity of Camp Liberty, under the pretext of family members seeking to meet with Camp Liberty residents. On each tour these individuals station around Liberty for a few days and using powerful recon cameras they are seen taking images and video footages of the residents’ movements inside the camp and gathering all types of information.

The residents are strongly refusing to meet with these individuals, who claim to be their family members, and believe they are hired agents of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence that is using them as cover for terrorist activities and recon work to gain intelligence from different parts of the camp in preparation for future rocket barrages against Liberty.

The letters of these political prisoners clearly show that if an individual in Iran is not actually an agent of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and is truly seeking to meet their loved ones and relatives in Camp Liberty, they will be arrested by the mullahs’ regime and in some cases even executed.

The following are letters from political prisoners behind bars in Iran's prisons to UN Secretary-General:

saleh kohandelLetter by Saleh Kohandel:

As a father, I am asking you to end the silence

To UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

I am writing this letter from inside the prisons of Iran and I hope it reaches your hands.

We have once again been informed that the Iranian regime, already engulfed with domestic and foreign crises, has dispatched a number of its agents disguised as PMOI/MeK family members to Camp Liberty in Iraq to prepare the grounds for another crime. It appears the cries of thousands of true PMOI/MeK family members for thousandths time to international organizations, including the UN which you chair, have been futile and only ended in a series of useless condemnations.

Sir, for the past 14 years I have experienced with every single cell of my body the black dungeons of the mullahs’ regime and dozens of times I have been threatened to death by the Ministry of Intelligence through various methods. My wife and children have gone to Ashraf in Iraq to join the PMOI/MeK so they would never succumb to the medieval mentality of the mullahs’ regime.

I would like to remind His Excellency that anyone with any name and title who went to Ashraf in the past, and now Liberty, by the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence has without a doubt no relation with the PMOI/MeK. In fact they are hired by the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence who have gone to pave the path for further massacres and crimes against our loved ones in Camp Liberty.

As a father, I am asking you to call upon the UN and your office in Iraq to end its silence, that has quite a meaning in the face of these preparations for further crimes against our loved ones, and do not permit these agents prepare the massacre of Liberty residents under the pretext of being their so-called family members.

Saleh Kohandel

Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran

ali moezziLetter by Ali Moezi:

Do not sit idly by until my defenseless loved ones are killed in Camp Liberty

To His Excellency Ban Ki-moon

United Nations Secretary-General

I respectfully would like to say that I, Ali Moezi, a political prisoner in Iran, have a daughter and relatives in Camp Liberty in Iraq. I would like to express my serious concerns. These days operatives of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence, agents who have described themselves families of PMOI/MeK members, have stationed outside of Liberty’s gates and threatened and insulted the residents. We remember the preparations made for the previous attacks against Camp Ashraf used the same tactics, and we remember how these Ministry of Intelligence agents used powerful loudspeakers around Ashraf to threaten and insult the residents, and we remember how they gestured with their hands how they would behead all of them.

Considering the fact that Ashraf residents’ transfer to Liberty took place under the pretext of further protection and more certain security, currently that we are witnessing a repeat of that same scenario and we have also witnessed before, there has been no protection and our fellow countrymen and loved ones have been living under mortar and rocket barrages, with their lives in extreme danger, I ask you are we going to witness more bloodshed, or is there a will to prevent these humanitarian catastrophes?

Is distancing these agents, who are in Iraq to pave the path for another massacre, something impossible?

These agents have nothing to do with the families of PMOI/MeK members living in Liberty. In fact, the true PMOI/MeK families are currently in the Iranian regime’s prisons as hostage, not those Iranian regime Ministry of Intelligence agents seen around Liberty screaming and threatening to kill the residents. I issue a serious warning and I am asking you to not sit idly by until our defenseless loved ones are killed in groups. We are asking you to provide the conditions for a correct and safe transfer of Liberty residents, and take serious and necessary measures for their protection. Otherwise, organizations responsible in this regard, including the U.S. government, Iraqi government, UN and UNHCR must publicly announce they have no responsibility in this regard.

Thank you, Ali Moezi

Transcript to: UNHCR

reza akbari monfaredLetter by Reza Akbari Monfared:

Sentenced to five and half years for a phone call from Liberty

His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon

United Nations Secretary-General

My name is Reza Akbari Monfared, a political prisoner in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran. I have three brothers and a sister who have been executed due to their support for the PMOI/MeK, and I have another sister by the name of Maryam Akbari Monfared, a housewife with three children, who has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars and has been held in Evin Prison’s women’s ward.

My two other brothers by the names of Hamid Reza and Mohammad, and my sisters Sedighe and Fateme Akbari Monfared, along with other relatives, are in Camp Liberty in Iraq.  I would like to inform you that those individuals outside of Liberty prison under the disguise of PMOI/MeK family members, are harassing Camp Liberty residents with their slogans. None of these individuals are PMOI/MeK family members. In fact they are agents of the Iranian regime and have gathered outside of Camp Liberty under the pretext of Liberty residents’ family members.

Two of my brothers and two sisters are currently in Camp Liberty in Iraq. For the reason that my brother had called me twice just to ask how I was doing, I was sentenced to 5½ years behind bars and I am currently detained in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, counseling section 4, hall 12.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon,

Along my sister, Maryam, we have spent years in prison and solitary confinement or large halls, and we have been placed under physical and psychological torture for the sole ‘crime’ of speaking over the phone with my sister and brother in Ashraf. Now what kind of logical mind would actually believe the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence would feel sorry for the PMOI/MeK and send their family members to meet with their loved ones and family members in Liberty.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, these measures by the mullahs’ regime around Camp Liberty are aimed at preparing the path for further massacres. Therefore, don’t remain silent in this regard and impel the Iraqi government to not allow these agents pass through airport checkpoints, and conduct recon mission on our friends to prepare for the next massacre. In addition to my brothers and sisters, I am extremely concerned for the rest of the residents.

You were to provide safety and security of our loved ones in Liberty. We are expecting you to not merely witness the massacre of our loved ones.

With the utmost respects, Reza Akbari Monfared

Gohardasht Prison (aka Rajaie Shahr)

pirouz mansoriLetter by Pirouz Mansouri:

Break the silence

Live up to your moral and humane responsibility

Hon Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

My name is Pirouz Mansouri and I am a political prisoner writing you this letter from inside the Iranian regime’s prisons. I have been in the Iranian regime’s prisons for nearly 9 years only because of my family relations with a number of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MeK) members and I have been sentenced to 17 years behind bars. I don’t expect to be freed as long as this regime is in power because if I do get released from this prison I will be taken to a bigger prison, being the country of Iran which is being controlled by the mullahs. If you ask any prisoner their main concern is their families and relatives who are in various parts of the globe, and currently a number of family members, including my child, are in Camp Liberty and this is my biggest pressure and concern about them. From 2009 that the protection of people stationed in Ashraf, and then Liberty, was placed on the shoulders of the Iraqi government and United Nations, the concerns of people like myself grew much worse. However, I sometimes told myself that the United Nations is on the ground and is supervising the situation. However, once in a while the Iranian regime sends its agents to the gates of Ashraf and Liberty under the guise of PMOI/MeK members to place psychological pressure and pave the path for another bloody massacre, and this regime goes the limits to annihilate the defenseless PMOI/MeK members whore are now refugees in Iraq.

Mr. Secretary-General, here in this prison a number of our cellmates have been executed for the sole reason of their family members being in Ashraf. (Ali Saremi, Jafar Kazemi, Mohsen Dokmechi, Mohammad Ali Haj Aghaie and …) and also sentenced to long prison terms for many individuals like myself, while the Ministry of Intelligence sends its agents to Liberty under the guise of PMOI/MeK to pressure our loved ones and it is resorting to whatever action it pleases, and you are remaining silent.

Mr. Secretary-General,

The true PMOI/MeK families are not allowed to see their loved ones in Liberty and you are still silent.

On behalf of myself and my cellmates and many other people living under cruelty in Iran, I am telling you that you and the United Nations apparatus are responsible for any attack (of which the signs have been seen with agents being sent to Liberty under the pretext of PMOI/MeK family members, and they are preparing the grounds and threatening for such an event). You and your organization have not lived up to the minimum of your duty, being defending the innocent. Mr. Secretary-General, at least live up to your moral and humane responsibility and allow history to remember you kindly.


Political prisoner Pirouz Mansouri

Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran

shahin zoghi tabarLetter by Shaheen Zoghi-Tabar:

Don’t guise Iranian regime agents as noble MeK family members

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Once again I have heard reports about a number of plainclothes agents going to Camp Liberty in Iraq under the guise of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MeK) family members and they are easily insulting and shouting vulgar language at Liberty residents, and they easily return to Iran without any accountability for anyone. They claim to have gone there to “liberate” PMOI/MeK members living in Liberty. However, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, this is a scenario that in the past has been implemented by the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence in Ashraf and Liberty, and this is paving the path for another massacre of the defenseless Camp Liberty residents.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, I was arrested because of a number of phone calls with PMOI/MeK members and I spent more than a year in solitary confinement. During this period in the interrogations I was asked time and again have I gone to Iraq to see the PMOI/MeK or not? And they say to me if I was a drug addict or had sold drugs, I would never have been forced to endure psychological torture and I would never have even been arrested. They are telling me to do whatever I want, only on the condition that I have no contact or relation with the PMOI/MeK.

After three years because I have never said anything about my pains, they blindfold me and took me for interrogation and threatened me. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, a large number of people are in the regime’s prisons for their contact with their family members or going to see their relatives in Ashraf, and they have been in prison for years, and a number of them, such as Ali Saremi, Mohammad Ali Haj Agahie, Jafar Kazemi and … have been executed by the Iranian regime. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, my family and the family members of others have to beg the authorities for a visit with us that last only a few minutes.

While the regime treats us so viciously, how is it possible for people who go to Camp Liberty in Iraq under the guise of PMOI/MeK family members to be true PMOI/MeK family members, and not agents of the Iranian regime Ministry of Intelligence, and how do these agents claim to think about releasing Liberty residents? I am in prison as a friend of the PMOI/MeK, and I ask you, Mr. Ban Ki-moon and the United Nations, to not trample human rights for any reason at all and do not appease this regime, preserve the lives of the innocent and defenseless Liberty residents, and to stand firm against this bloodthirsty regime in Iran.

Shaheen Zoghi-Tabar

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