Explosion of a civilian bus carrying Camp Ashraf's workers leaves 13 killed and 15 wounded - May 29, 2006

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Clerical regime's explosion of a civilian bus carrying Camp Ashraf's workers leaves 13 killed and 15 wounded

Today, Monday, May 29, at 7.45 a.m., mercenary terrorists of the Iranian regime in Iraq blew up a civilian bus carrying workers employed by the People's Mojahedin of Iran while driving on the Khalis road towards Ashraf. The explosion took place 3 km north of Khalis by detonating Explosively Formed Projectiles (EFPs) made in Iran.

This shameless, anti-human terrorist crime against defenseless Iraqi workers left 13 dead and 15 wounded. Some of those wounded are reported to be in critical conditions. The workers were ordinary Iraqi citizens who had ordinary jobs since a long time ago in the City of Ashraf.

This atrocity takes place only a day after the Iranian Foreign Minister's visit to Iraq when he spoke of the need for the clerical regime's participation in securing Iraq. Only an hour after the explosion, the Iranian state-run TV announced, "the situation in Iraq became critical today after 11 people died and 15 were wounded in the city of Khalis." In this way, it filed the receipt for accomplishment of this crime by its operatives.

On the scene, local residents and eyewitnesses blamed the atrocious crime on the Iranian regime and its agents without exception. Through its media and news agencies, the clerical regime is endeavoring hard to divert public opinion towards other bogus parties who according to the Iranian regime want to wreak havoc and insecurity in Iraq and oust the new Iraqi government.

Mme. Seddiqeh Hosseini, Secretary General of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, strongly condemned this major terrorist crime committed against innocent Iraqi citizens and said, "After cutting off the City of Ashraf's food staples, fuel, water and power, Iran's ruling mullahs have now set a new record in crimes and murder. Since several weeks ago, the Iranian regime's proxy newspapers in Iraq began to prepare the grounds by threatening the PMOI with "retribution". In the mean time, in meeting with affiliates of the Iranian regime in Baghdad, the mullahs' Foreign Minister Mottaki openly called for complete blockade of the City of Ashraf.

The PMOI's Secretary General called on the United Nations, the MNFI and the government of Iraq to condemn this crime and introduce its masterminds and perpetrators without any concealment. She also urged immediate action by the UN Security Council to stop the mullahs' unbridled terrorism against innocent Iraqi civilians and against Iranian political refugees in the City of Ashraf.

Mme. Hosseini reiterated: As the majority of the people of Iraq have declared in their chants of "Iran, out! Out!" to achieve calm and security in Iraq there is no way but total eviction of Iran's clerical regime and its expulsion from this country.

The PMOI Secretary General said today's explosion, the methods and manner of planting bombs and the type of bombs used, recall the bombing and explosion of a civilian bus carrying the PMOI individuals to Ashraf on June 9, 1999 which left six dead and 21 wounded from the People's Mojahedin and wounded dozens of innocent Iraqi citizens.

Last August, agents of the clerical regime wearing the uniform of Interior Ministry agents, kidnapped two members of the PMOI, Messrs Hossein Pouyan and Mohammad Ali Zahedi in Baghdad and transferred them to one of the floors of the Interior Ministry. No information is available on their fate.

The PMOI has been target of 150 terrorist operations in Iraq by the terrorists sent by the fascist regime ruling Iran.

The People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran
May 29, 2006

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