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Apr 03
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Iraqi tank destroyed left in the desert
Iraqi tank destroyed left in the desert

By Vahed Seif

In many cultures a fox is a symbol of lying and conning human beings. In the Iranian culture from long ago the mullahs have always been described as foxes. One of the most famous classic musical theater plays in Iran by the name of "Shahre Ghesseh" meaning “City of Stories”, belonging to more than half a century ago, has many fans even to this day. This is a story of a city where animals play the roles of various types of human beings in society. One of the known characters in this fictional city is a deceptive fox in mullahs’ robe and turban. These days, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is known by ordinary people as the “Purple Fox”. Purple was the color of Rouhani’s elections campaign, as he deceptively sought to resemble Ukraine’s orange revolution.

Without a doubt, the largest unnatural disasters in history caused by mankind have been the result of the biggest lies. Hitler was one of the biggest liars and shrewd figures of the 20th century. With his lies about Jews he brought upon us the Holocaust.

Iranian Mullahs' another big lie

However, the mullahs’ ruling Iran have with their lies been the element behind the biggest disasters of the 21st century, already continuing for years. Although, because of their foxy characteristic that makes them masters of Hitler, the West has very rarely taken the mullahs of Iran accountable for today’s atrocities.

For example, currently the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism in the form of Daesh (the Arabic acronym for the self-proclaimed Islamic State- ISIS) is the number one enemy of our way of life today. Nearly all Iraq and Middle East experts not linked to Tehran agree Daesh is an offspring of the occupation of Iraq and Nouri al-Maliki taking hold of the prime ministry for 8 years. However, there are lesser discussions over how the occupation of Iraq itself was the result of the biggest lie of the 21st century, claiming Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and on the verge of becoming a nuclear threat. Iranian Mullahs fabricated large bulks of documents and evidence and placed them at the United States through their agent, Ahmad Chalabi, encouraging naive individuals in Washington to attack and occupy Iraq. Whereas at the time Iran itself was busy enriching uranium for nuclear weapons purposes. Iran was provided two very important concessions in luring the U.S. into war with Iraq: its archrival Saddam Hussein was toppled, opening the path for Iran hegemony rising in Iraq. The second concession was disarming and containing its formidable oppositionthe People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), first by U.S. forces and then by Iran’s puppet government of Maliki in Iraq.

I myself am living proof of yet another big lie of the mullahs’ ruling Iran, as they claim the PMOI/MEK massacred thousands of Iraqi Kurds rising against Baghdad during Operation Desert Storm back in 1991. Unfortunately, the U.S. State Department and some other Western politicians fell for this lie of the mullahs and began their own propaganda. As a result they paved the path for the demonization and massacre of members of the mullahs’ democratic opposition in camps Ashraf and Liberty. Even an official letter of refutation written and signed by Hoshiyar Zebari, then representative of the Iraq Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Iraq Kurdistan Regional Government President Masoud Barzani this could not pull the Westerners out of the trap Iran had spread for them. In this document Zebari clearly states the PMOI/MEK were never involved in the massacre of the Kurds.

What is the truth? Exactly 25 years ago in March 1991 I was a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps in the city of Hamedan, western Iran, undergoing my training. At the time time the United States and its allies attacked Iraq, launching the first Persian Gulf War. On March 14th, 1991, we were transferred at night in Jeep vehicles from Hamedan city to Fort Ghal’e Shaheen located in the town of Sar Pol-e Zahab in western Iran near the Iraqi border. More than 20 military brigades had gathered at this location, preparing to launch an invasion into Iraq. Assuming Saddam Hussein had become extremely weakened as a result of the U.S. Operation Desert Storm, Tehran pursued two goals in its new campaign: the main goal was to overthrow the Saddam regime and replace it with an Islamic republic similar to that of its own. Iran had failed to achieve this objective during the 8-year long Iran-Iraq War back in the 1980s.

The second objective was to attack and annihilate the PMOI/MEK inside Iraq. However, the sticking point was that our attack and our interference had to be conducted under cover as it was considered meddling in the internal affairs of another country, costing high for Iran. Therefore, we were ordered to completely shave our beards (surprising all IRGC members as this was out of the ordinary for them at the time), wear Kurdish clothing, erase all Farsi text from our clothes, equipment and food stuffs, and we were all banned from speaking in Farsi using the radio transmitters.

We suffered a major defeat in the first attack on April 1st, 1991, under the pretext of Kurdish forces. Many of us were killed, and a number of others in Kurdish clothing, including myself, were captured by the PMOI/MEK. At that time the PMOI/MEK registered us as prisoners of war with the International Committee of Red Cross and the documents are available to this day.

Suffering a major military defeat in this attack and its blow to the PMOI/MEK ending in utter failure, Tehran began spreading rumors of the PMOI/MEK massacring Iraqi Kurds. This was an attempt to compensate to some extent the military setback it had already suffered.

Iran-Interlink, vehicle for Mullahs lies

25 years has passed and it has been proven that the claim of the PMOI/MEK killing Kurds was a big lie fabricated by the deceptive and foxy mullahs. However, the Iran-Interlink, a website run by two MOIS/Vevak sleeper operatives, Massoud Khodabandeh and his wife Ann Singelton are still beating the drum of baseless accusation that the PMOI/MEK massacred the Kurds. They visited Iraq many times since 2005 to help Iranian regimes agents in Iraq to file similar charges in Iraqi courts. They also attempted to use the same accusation to keep PMOI/MEK in the designated terrorist listings of USA, UK and EU, but all failed in the relevant court rulings where justice triumphed over injustice and PMOI/MEK was removed from all the terrorist listings. Nevertheless, there are always a handful of blood traders who would ignore all the facts in this matter and still pump out the accusations against PMOI/MEK to achieve their trivial concession. They are disguised as Politicians or reporters and would like to be deceived by foxes to achieve their ends. 


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