The Mullahs ruling in Iran ruined my family- by Hamid Reza Akbari

Dec 31
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It is afternoon and I’m sitting on a bench in Camp Liberty, located in the vicinity of Baghdad International airport. This camp is controlled by proxies of the Iranian regime. I was sitting when one of my friends suddenly appeared on me and informed me about arrival of few of Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) agents along with some hirelings in the guise of family members of Liberty residents at the gate of the camp. It is evident to everyone that the Mullahs regime dispatch either its own agents under the guise of family members to the gate of Camp Liberty or lure relatives into a disgusting plot. Those who do not know the regime might believe that it cares about our families and is concerned that we might not see them again. So, it is working hard to reunite family members again!!! That is outrageous. The fact about the criminal regime is that whoever paid a visit to Ashraf to see his relatives, he fell in prison and faced harsh torture and even executed when he returned back to Iran. That happened to Ali Saremi and Mohammed-Ali Haj-Aghaii who both visited their families at Ashraf. Indeed, the regime has done all it might against our families and my family is an instance.
When my thoughts come to this point, bitter memories struck my mind reluctantly; what miseries my family has gone through… I remember my brother, Ali Reza. He was arrested in September 15, 1981, accused of supporting PMOI and was executed four days later. The way the regime’s torturers informed us about the execution of my brother is another instance of its cruelty against our families; it displays the “emotions” towards our relatives. On September 19, 1981, along with my parents and sisters and brothers, I was dining when suddenly, on the news program broadcasted by the state TV, it was said that 81 youth supporters of PMOI was executed. Unexpectedly, the name of my brother was read among the executed! We fell in deep shock. We did not even know that he had been arrested. My mother went unconscious and fell on the ground. What could we do? The barbaric beast of “Velayate-faqih” had commenced to brutalize the Iranian people with strong intentions to genocide them. Imagine that you hear about execution of your relatives unpredictably from the state TV, how would you feel? Put yourself in my place, then, you will definitely realize the depth of brutality of the Mullahs towards families of PMOI.
Back to that day; we overcome our emotions and brought my mother to hospital. After 24 hours of medical treatment, thanks to God, she became conscious. We intended to put her in admission in order to convalesce. But, eventually, following her insistence, we brought her back to home; I wished I had never done that. On September 27, 1981, we held a mourning ceremony for my brother. We were on our way to the “Behesht Zahra” cemetery at the vicinity of the capital. It was around 11 o’clock a.m. when the IRGC forces attacked our cars and cracked down our mourning ceremony. They took the picture of my executed brother and tore it before the eyes of my mournful mother and trample it. The story did not end here. The IRGC forces arrested my mother and my sister, Roqieh and took them to the notorious Evin prison. She was imprisoned for two years! Two years for a mother accused of holding mourning ceremony for her son! Can you imagine it?!! What could possibly be the feeling of a mother that was put in the dungeons while she is still mournful and grieving for her son?
So, when the criminal Mullahs talk about family relations and passion, do not doubt, they have no other intention but paving the way for next conspiracies and slaughtering. All of us have already the bitter experience about the “families” in Ashraf in our minds. It is well-known to everyone that under the guise of “family”, the MOIS agents appeared at the gates of Ashraf shouting abuse at us, threatening to cut our tongues and hang us from the streetlights of Ashraf. In the wake of such plot, the proxies of Mullahs regime launched a bloody massacre on Ashraf and executed 52 of our friends!
Anyway, what happened to my sister, Roqieh. She was arrested along with my mother. She was mother of two children and had not committed any crime. Despite that, she was sentenced to 10 years prison, just for taking part in mourning ceremony for her brother. But, her story did not end her. The sentence of family members and relatives of PMOI is much more within the Mullahs regime ruling Iran. When it comes to families of PMOI, the regime do not bound to its own cruel verdicts and rules. My sister, Roqieh, was eventually hanged on 27 July 1988 during the massacre of 30 thousands of PMOI members inside regime’s prisons! As if the families of PMOI members have no right to live within this regime! Else, why was she unjustly hanged? On 29 july 1988, my nephew, Mahnaz, then 9 years old, along with my parents, attended Evin Prison to visit Roqieh (mother of Mahnaz). When their turn for visit had come, the guards shamelessly and in a coldblooded manner informed my parents that they (guards) have hanged Roqieh! They delivered her remains, but refrained from delivering her body or saying where she has been buried!
To date, after 27 years, we are not aware yet of her burial place. Nevertheless, we stayed before Mahnaz and wondered how to tell her about what had happened to her mother. In aftermath of that, my mother had a brain attack and passed away short after. Imagine yourself in her place for a moment, what would your feelings be.
Another instance, on December 31, 2009, the IRGC guards raided the house of my sister, Maryam, and arrested her and put her in jail at the Evin prison. She is mother of 3 small daughters and was innocent. Her daughters were respectively at age of 6, 8 and Sarah was only 2 years old. They had to endure absence of their mother. Once again, another “Mahnaz” has to visit her mother once a week from behind the bars; it is too hard to even thinking about it! A mother that has to be forcibly separated from her dear little daughter who is at the age of 2; an age in which a child requires most mothering love and passion. Everyone who has a 2-years old daughter can understand the great unhappiness my sister endures and how much she is worried about the fate of her lovely daughter. That is another sample of the Mullahs’ great concern and love towards our families. My sister, Maryam, was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in an unfair trial according to the Mullahs rules! Accused of which crime? Judge Salawati, then court judge, issued the verdict saying to my sister that you are paying the price of having your sisters and brothers in Ashraf! How odd! What an injustice! 15 years prison for a person whose relatives are in Ashraf. It goes without saying that the Mullahs are truly the Godfather of ISIS. Look at what they have done to our families! To the family of Ali Saremi, Jafar Kazemi, Mohsen Dogmechi and Mohammad-Ali Haj-Aghaii!
I give you another fact: on January 16, 2013, the IRGC guards raided the house of my brother, Mohammadreza. He is father of 3 children. He was arrested and sentenced to five and half year imprisonment, on accusation of having his brothers and sisters at Camp Liberty. To date, he is still suffering in jail.
That was a portion of the sad story of my family within the corrupted regime of “Velayate-faqih”. My brothers, Abdulreza, Alireza, Gholamreza and my sister Roqieh were executed by the regime’s torturers and my family was ruined. The question is while Camp Liberty is under an all-out siege, whereas the Iraqi forces in control of the camp do not allow entry of our lawyers, nor do they allow merchants to come and buy our property, whereas our families who came from Iran to visit us in Ashraf were imprisoned at their return, whereas there are several checkpoints around the Baghdad Airport area, then how could few persons pass all these barriers and reach camp Liberty without any problem posing as they are our families?
It is self-evident that such persons are agents of either MOIS or IRGC. Our families are either imprisoned or already executed.

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