Arab journalist: Habilian is associated to Iranian intelligence

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Ahmed Abu Mottahar, journalist
Ahmed Abu Mottahar, journalist

By Iran Probe staff
Saturday, 1 April 2017

Ahmed Abu Mottahar, the widely renowned Arab website, Elaph, published an article on 11 August 2008 explaining how Habilian attempted to hire him, suggesting money in return for publishing lies and propaganda against the PMOI/MEK.
Following an article in support of the PMOI, Habilian wrote him a letter “asking me for cooperation to unveil what they described as ‘MEK crimes’.”
In further letters Habilian invited Abu Mottahhar to a paid trip to Iran.
“Dear Professor, We are officially inviting you to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran.
situation in Iran. We ask you to accept our invitation.”
Abu Mottahar’s article continues as:
I thought thoroughly about the visit, made many calls and conducted the necessary research… I am presenting to you my findings free of cost, without the support of any international researcher:
Firstly: The Habilian Center is one of the so-called “NGOs” linked to the MOIS to provide cover for MOIS activities, and is registered as a non-profit charity organization to cloak its intelligence role. This center was founded in 2005. An Iranian intelligence agent by the name of Seyed Javad Hashemi-nezhad is in charge of running this entity. He is the first individual who on 14 March 2006 described his association’s activities in an interview with the IRGC-linked semi-official Fars news agency:
“We have held many meetings with Iraqi officials, including Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi, discussing terrorist activities against Iran by groups in Iraq. They expressed their opposition in regards to such measures, emphasizing they have prosecuted this organization’s criminals (referring to the PMOI/MEK) and expelled a number of others. However, we are witnessing how the occupants of Iraq is today supporting this group, which is carrying out measures against Iran on the Iran-Iraq border.”
From these remarks and how they have been expressed it is completely obvious they are not the voice of a charity organization director. In fact, it is crystal clear they are being raised by an important individual in the Iranian regime apparatus whose official position has provided him a meeting with the then Iraq vice president.
Secondly: Habilian also monitors the publications of various writers and journalists involved in exposing Iran’s crimes and destructive plots in neighboring countries. They are then sent letters of invitation to Iran; offered free visits with all expenses covered, similar to the letter I provided at the beginning of this text.
Those accepting this offer are scheduled to meet Iranian officials, interviewed by Iranian state press and TV. Now, does anyone in such a tunnel even dare voice anything against Iran, and use the same sentences and terms they used back home? Also, the invited individual is heard making expressions supporting the regime and its democratic achievements, which they become aware of and hear for the first time only after they have exited the country. Even if they deny it then, no one will believe them. This will in fact cement their positions in praising a democratic regime in Iran. Through such a process this individual loses his/her credibility as those remarks are in deep contrast to what they had written or voiced in the past.
Third: In the final hours of the visit, a closed envelope is provided to the visitor, filled with a significant number of green American dollars. The dollar is the preferred currency of the mullahs and their intelligence service. This envelope is presented as a message and letter of gratitude for the visit. The visitor must sign the receipt as proof of receiving this message, and for it to be delivered to senior Iranian officials. The letter is usually in Farsi, including the amount of money delivered. The individual usually doesn’t understand Farsi, meaning they have practically signed a bribe to remain silent. And if they ever raise their voice, this letter will be published showing they have received money for their services, rendering nothing but a major embarrassment.


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