Habilian threatens Iraqi researchers and intellectuals

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By Iran Probe staff
Friday, 7 April 2017

The MOIS and IRGC Quds Force have eliminated Iraqi politicians, writers and intellectuals who support evicting Iran from Iraq, through different methods, including assassination.
However, in cases where Tehran failed to secretly murder its dissidents, Habilian would begin threatening Iraqi dissidents to force them into silence. One such example is the renowned secular Iraqi lawyer by the name of Safi al-Yaseri. He strongly stands against the presence of Iran’s terrorist Quds Force units in Iraq and the mullahs’ control over former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki.
Following articles and revelations made by by al-Yaseri, Habilian published a letter on its Arabic website, to serve as a lesson for other Iraqis.
“The Habilian website, being the voice of the Habilian Organization (representing the families of terrorism martyrs), announces the completion of the first phase of a court case against Safi al-Yaseri (agent of the [MEK]) and all documents and evidence in this regard has been gathered. This completion was reached after the Habilian Organization issued a call to Iraqi news agencies and websites asking all parties to present any information about this individual’s criminal past and his cooperation with terrorist groups. Following this request we received a high number of letters, information, evidence and photos shedding light on the terrorist nature of this element.”
It was crystal clear for the Iraqi people when Iran’s intelligence and Quds Force fail in eliminating Iraqi intellectuals that stand against the presence of its forces in Iraq, Habilian is called in to issue threats. There is no branch of the Iraqi judiciary for such measures for a foreign entity.
Despite all this, Safi al-Yaseri issued an open-letter in response to these Quds Force threats through Habilian. The open letter was to Hassan Danaie-far, a Quds Force commander and Iran’s ambassador in Iraq.
“From an Iraqi, Safi al-Yaseri, to Danaie-far, Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq
“I know that you were most definitely behind the letter written by the Habilian Organization for me. A letter in which I was once again threatened… I know how much hatred is inside you, when you see an Iraqi Arab telling you, Danaie-far, “Checkmate.” I will defeat you and you have to be expelled from Baghdad for disrespecting Iraq and its people… No one in Iraq is neither afraid of you or your heirs. I hope you refer to the judiciary, realize your threats, as this will be a defeat backlashing on you… I would be so happy to prosecute you, your regime and the dead Khomeini before the eyes of the world. I swear this prosecution will be a glorious, unprecedented, and historic humanitarian epic. The court hearing of a freedom-loving writer against an executioner…
“If I were a hired agent, as you described me, I would be reaching out for your dirty money, stained with the blood of Iran’s abused nations… However, you have nothing against me and you are very afraid of me, a freedom-loving man, you have nothing against me other than attempting to tarnish my image with your insults, slander and lies…
“To Danaie-far, if I was afraid of your threats, I would never have said anything against your regime, and I would never have exposed your crimes…
“To Danaie-far, each time I have stood against you with more strength than the day before, and supporting me is my entire family in Iraq, and all the freedom lovers in Arab countries, and I will most definitely defeat you.
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